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Code of Ethics

Principles of professional ethics - you must obey the following principles 

General information

The holder of a certificate must behave, to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, in a fashion that prevents injury to persons and damage to property and the environment. He must keep his technical know-how up-to-date and be loyal and impartial with regard to the interests of employers, customers and public bodies.

Relations with employer

The certificate holder shall settle her/his contractual relationship with the employer so that she/he can comply with the principles of professional ethics, providing his contract is freely negotiable. He must at least ensure that the scope of the certificate issues to him is correctly interpreted and observed.

Responsibility to the general public

In performing her/his activities, the certificate holder must safeguard the public good, by informing the competent authorities whenever necessary and by refusing certain responsibilities or performing tasks for which she/he is not qualified. She/he must draft publications objectively and professionally and is not allowed to sign any documents whose content he is not able to survey or which he does not approve.

Conflicts of interests

The holder of a certificate should avoid conflicts with her/his superiors and customers. However, in cases where conflicts are inevitable, he shall inform those concerned of the reason for the conflict frankly and without any delay. He is not allowed to accept; either payments of two different parties while accomplishing one and the same task, or payments of any kind that would have an influence on his professional judgment.


If these principles of professional ethics have demonstrably been infringed, SECTOR Cert will have the right to revoke any certificates that have been issued.

Download the code of ethics as PDF -  Principles of professional ethics EN