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General Requirements

Training language: English, Macedonian or the language of your country. Candidates must be proficient in the language of training at the level of someone who has completed a secondary school education.
Physics and mathematics: Candidates must have a basic knowledge at skilled-worker level.
Preparation for the examination: This is a freshening up of the candidate’s existing practical skills, but is by no means a substitute for practical or theoretical training.
Examination: Usually is carried out on the one day after training course. In the case of combination-type training courses, the Level 1 and Level 2 exams are carried out on the same day.
Clothing and Personel protective equipment: Both the Level 1 and Level 2 training courses and the practical training courses involve skilled manual work. Participants have to bring appropriate working clothes and personal protective gear (safety footwear, protective goggles, overalls, etc.) with them. The training and examination centres do not provide these.
Safety regulations: At the beginning of each training course the participants are familiarized with the safety regulations. In the case of violation of these rules, the training and examination centres accept no liability and the participant concerned can be excluded from the rest of the training course.
Periods of professional experience and visual acuity test: Before registering for a training course and examination, it is necessary for you to have accumulated some professional experience of using the method concerned. The periods in question are stated for the respective methods – they do not correspond to the period of professional experience required for certification. Furthermore, you have to submit up-to-date visual acuity test.

You can download the Visual Acuity test by clicking on this link: Attestation of visual acuity EN