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What to do?

Certificate holder for recertification must submit the following documents:
  • documentary evidence of a satisfactory visual acuity examination taken within the preceding 12 months.
  • verifiable documentary evidence of continued satisfactory work activity without significant interruptionin the method and sector for which certificate recertification is sought.
Note: the responsibility of the certificate holder is to submit the documents for recertification within 9 months prior to the expiration of the certification.

Additionally to these documents certificate holder must attend on qualifying recertification exam.
The recertification exam gives you an opportunity to prove the deepened practical ability that you have obtained regarding the inspection of a variety of objects from respective sectors within the scope covered by your certificate. This recertification exam for the levels 1+2, consists of the entire practical part of the exam, which you have already passed the first time you had acquired the certificate. For participants, who intend to take the level 2 exam, it also includes preparing of a written examination instruction for level 1-personnel.