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Penetrant Testing Level 1+2

Method: Penetrant Testing (PT) Level 1+2, Training and examination based on EN ISO 9712


This training course can be booked for Level 1 and Level 2 either separately or in combination. The individual procedural steps and inspection, measuring and test equipment systems will be discussed. System and procedural checks will be dealt with at depth. Bodies of standards such as  EN 571-1 / EN ISO 3452-1 corresponding to the various industrial sectors and also lists of flaws and evaluation criteria will be presented.


  • Physical basics of the Penetrant Testing I
  • Preparation and precleaning of the test surface
  • Penetrants and the penetration process
  • In-between cleaning and drying
  • Developer and developing process
  • Inspection and logging
  • Physical basics of liquid penetrant testing II
  • Test media and testing equipment
  • Monitoring of the test system
  • Evaluation of indications from penetrant testing
  • Regulations for penetrant testing
  • Study of objects and defects

Participants and conditions:

This training course addresses persons who are skilled employees (with a certificate of proficiency) or have had similar training; prior to the qualifying examination they must furnish proof of at least 1 week’s professional experience (Level 1) and a further 3 weeks of professional experience (Level 2). If courses at Levels 1+2
are pursued simultaneously, the candidate must furnish proof of 4 weeks of professional experience prior to the qualifying examination.