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Penetrant Testing Level 3

Principal Method: Penetrant Testing (PT) Training and examination based on EN ISO 9712


In this Level 3 training course the scientific fundamentals of the two inspection methods are dealt with at greater depth. The course deals in greater detail with the pertinent execution techniques and the aids needed for the purpose. The specific topics of the training course can be seen from the following table.


• Scientific fundamentals of penetrant testing
• Penetrant testing principles and standard techniques
• A selection of penetrant testing inspection techniques, testing stations and equipment
• Chemical composition, properties and characteristics of inspection media
• Evaluation of penetrant testing indications
• Confidence levels, calibration blocks and checks by the user
• Special techniques and the inspection of specific materials
• Bodies of CEN standards relating to penetrant testing
• Guide to drafting PT procedure

Participants and conditions:

This training course addresses persons who have qualifications in engineering or comparable qualifications, have successfully obtained a qualification in BASICS, have passed the Level 2 examination in MT/PT and have appropriate professional experience. If the candidate has no Level 2 certificate, he or she must additionally pass the practical part of the Level 2 examination.