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Sector Cert Macedonia

Training, examination and certification.

Since 2005 we train, examine and assist for certification of personnel for non-destructive testing from all fields of industry. The SECTOR Cert certificate is highly recognized nationally and internationally. This is greatly valued by our customers in their daily work with quality assurance and quality control for the prevention of accidents, material or environmental damage.
Sector Cert Macedonia is part of SECTOR Cert company group. SECTOR Cert is independent and authorized by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) for the regulated and non-regulated areas and is audited yearly. This way you can be sure that all training, examinations and certifications are always compliant, independent and up to date.
World-wide the same high standards
With our international partners we offer trainings according international standards such as EN ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1A.
The main advantages
Internationally you will get the same training material – developed by experts.
  • We use exam questions from a pool of approx. 15.000 questions. The draw of the exam is always done by SECTOR Cert itself or by authorized bodies.
  • All examiners are qualified and authorized by SECTOR Cert.
  • Certification is always done in Germany by SECTOR Cert in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations e.g EN ISO 9712, PED, SNT-TC-1A etc.
  • Our trainers have practical experience and are involved in research projects or industrial applications.
In all our trainings we have given you excellent knowledge on physical basics, standards and practical testings. Our trainings also include up-to-date information on techniques and applications.

The SECTOR Cert Macedonia team

Managing Director: Slobodan Popovski
Head of Training Center / Training - Examination - Certification Process Organization: Daniela Sazdova
Technical Expert / Test Equipment Officer: Ivo Tasevski
Quality Officer / Internal Auditor: Jana Grozdanova