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American Standards Level 3

ACCP supplementary examination carried out by the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) for holders of EN ISO 9712 Level 3 certificates

Content and aim:

We provide you with advanced additional knowledge in specialized supplementary training for the US American pressure vessel standards “ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code”. The following examination covers the differences between EN ISO 9712 and ACCP.


  • Structure of the ASME Codes
  • Differences in inspection philosophy
  • Specifications regarding inspection methods in Section V and XI of the ASME Codes
  • Preparation for the exam

Training and examination in surface treatment methods (MT/PT/VT): 
Per method - 1 day training and 1 day examination

Training and examination in volume methods (RT/UT): 
Per method - 2 days training and 1 day examination

The examination is in English and is conducted by an ASNT invigilator.

Participants and conditions:

This training is intended for persons with a corresponding Level 3 training as well as an examination and valid Sector Cert certificate according to EN ISO 9712 in Level 3.

Please note:  Examination applications to the ASNT can be found under www.sector-cert.com.mk. These are the only forms you may use. The fees (as stated in the application form) must be paid prior to the examination directly to the ASNT. Please also note that your application must be received by SECTOR Cert at least 6 weeks prior to the intended examination date.

Dates may be arranged according to requirements. Please contact Daniela Sazdova +389 (0)70 283 568 or info@sector-cert.com.mk