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SCM Training Courses

Training - Examination - Certification

The training courses address participants from all industrial sectors. All the courses in this training program provide the basic knowledge and practical skills in each method and prepare you for the qualifying exam, irrespectively to certain work environment or places of work.
The training courses consist of a theoretical and a practical section (practical activities only at Levels 1 and 2). A smaller number of participants enable the instructor to deal at depth with the participants’ individual questions.
Daily training consists of lectures, test questions to check on what has been learnt, and practical exercises at Levels 1 and 2.
As the training courses are geared to the IS (Industrial Sector), the test specimens and devices used during the practical exercises at Levels 1 and 2 are taken from all industrial sectors. A complete overview of the possible uses of the inspection method can be obtained.
Our well-prepared and up-to date training documents assist you in your follow-up work to the day’s training and in preparing for your qualifying examination.

In-house training courses

If you wish to have at least 5 of your company’s employees trained simultaneously in a single method and at the same level, then please choose the in-house training course option. To a very great extent, we can adapt this type of training course to the special needs of your company. Therefore your employees only learn what they really need to learn.
PLEASE NOTE: The certificate will then be restricted to the sector in which your company operates.
We would be pleased to advise you.
If you have any queries about Level 1 + 2 or level 3 training courses, please contact Ms. Sazdova on +389 (0)2 3222653 or at  info@sector-cert.com.mk