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Basic Level 3

BASICS Training and examination based on EN ISO 9712


This training compprises the basic of the Level 3 training. A successfully passed exam is prerequisite for the acquisition of a Level 3 certification in the main procedure. Moreover, we shall provide you here - apart from the general basics of the qualification of personnel - with a broad and solid basic knowledge. You shall receive an in-depth insight into the usual main methods as well as a comprehensive overview of other NDT-methods. 


BASIC Parts A+B:
  • Historical development of personnel certification
  • Certification according EN ISO 9712 / ACCP
  • Employer certification based on SNT-TC-1A and CP-189
  • Materials science and engineering
  • Manufacturing methods and flaw analysis
  • Operation-related imperfections
  • Radiographic testing (RT), fundamentals at Level 2
  • Magnetic particle testing (MT), fundamentals at Level 2
  • Ultrasonic testing (UT), fundamentals at Level 2
  • Penetrant testing (PT), fundamentals at Level 2
  • Visual testing (VT), fundamentals at Level 2
  • An overview of non-destructive testing methods (including other methods such as leak testing, eddycurrent testing, sound emission analysis, infrared thermography, neutron radiography)

Participants and conditions:

This training course addresses persons who completed technical education or  two years of engineering or Level 2 examiners withseveral years’ experience of non-destructive testing.
If the candidate does not have pertinent professional experience at Level 2, practical training courses should be followed as appropriate prior to taking the practical Level 2 examination.